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  • Industrial Boiler for Chemical Industry, Steam boiler

    Industrial boiler plays an important role in chemical industry and it needs to host more industrial boilers for chemical industry than boiler for food plant.Steam boiler water treatment chemicals is the most popular in chemical industry. Water is the key raw material for enterprises in the chemical industry

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    Qingdao East Power Industry Equipment Co., Ltd., Experts in Manufacturing and Exporting Boiler, Steam Boiler and 598 more Products. A Verified CN Gold Supplier on

  • Industrial Boiler - Gas Fired Boiler Manufacturer from

    FBC Boilers are widely used in chemical industry, plastics industry, coatings and automotive industries, bitumen industry, construction equipment industry, shipbuilding industry, apparel clothing, washing, ironing, the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, food industry

  • Industries & Applications | Piping Technology & Products, Inc.

    Natural gas processing consists of separating all of the various hydrocarbons and fluids from the pure natural gas, to produce what is known as 'pipeline quality' dry natural gas. associated hydrocarbons, known as 'natural gas liquids' (NGLs) can be very valuable by-products of natural gas processing.

  • Lng & Lpg Dual Boiler Steam Boiler--ZBG

    Lng & Lpg Dual Boiler Steam Boiler 2016-08-29 17:48:06 ZBG manufactures qualified dual fuel boilers, burning coal, biomass, natural gas, coke oven gas, city gas, LPG, light oil, heavy oil and waste oil.

  • CHEMCAD as a tool when teaching Chemical Engineering

    Five chemical process industries were designed on flow sheet system using Chemcad. These process industries are, a. production of nitric acid by ammonia oxidation process b. Production of sodium carbonate by Solvay process c. Production of hydrogen by steam reforming of natural gas d. Production of sulphuric acid by Contact process e.

  • High Efficiency Water Boilers - Atmospheric / Natural Gas

    Rite Atmospheric Natural Gas Fired Watertube Boilers are found at the heart of better engineered closed-loop heating systems all over North America. From conventional space heating systems to industrial process loads, Rite offers 47 basic models, ranging from 480 to

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    If the pressure of steam in the boiler drum exceeds the working pressure then the safety valve allows blow-off the excess quantity of steam to atmosphere. Spring loaded safety valve 3. 2.Safety valve. They guard the boiler against the excessive high pressure of steam inside the drum.

  • Utility systems - processdesign

    These other boilers superheat the steam to create a high pressure and high temperature steam stream. The steam is superheated past the dew point to account for heat loss in the pipelines. A portion of the high pressure steam is used for process heating in areas of the plant that require high temperatures.

  • Natural gas: physical properties and combustion features

    speak about natural gases. In fact, the chemical composition of available natural gas (at the final customer) depends on its geographic origin and various mixtures carried out by production and in particular to determine pressure network losses. Natural gas generally gas turbine or boiler).

  • Steam Generators | Boiler | Steam - Scribd

    A steam-generating system provides a continuous process for this conversion.Height of boiler 2..Heat input 4.. the heat energy from the fuel results in a change of phase from a liquid to a gaseous state. from water to steam.g.

  • 150 tons CFB power plant boiler in chemical industry

    The chemical industry permeate all aspects of the national economy, is an indispensable part of national development, in the chemical industry production, power generation and supply steam is an important part to meet daily production, circulating fluidized bed power plant boiler has been widely applied in chemical industry.

  • The DirectGen - AERCO

    Petroleum Industry, Chemical Industry and Petroleum Production Industry Steam is a principle energy source for chemical industrial processes. It provides energy for process heating, pressure control, mechanical drives, and component separation, and is also a source of water for many industrial operations and chemical reactions.

  • Ammonia Production -

    - Steam reforming of natural gas or other light hydrocarbons (Natural Gas Liquids, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Naphtha) - Partial oxidation of heavy fuel oil or vacuum residue. In at least one partial oxidation unit, natural gas is used as feedstock. Coal gasification and water electrolysis are no longer in use in the European ammonia industry.

  • Vacuum Hot Water Heating Boiler--ZBG

    The pressure of the medium circulation system is lower than the atmospheric pressure and the inner absolute pressures from 0.02 to 0.08MPa when the boiler in the operation condition, which keep the unit in the vacuum status, so that the boiler running safely without explosion.

  • Cracking and related refinery - Essential Chemical Industry

    Figure 1 A view of the steam crackers at Ludwigshafen in Germany. The whole site is the largest continuous chemical site in the world. The steam crackers alone occupy 64 000 m 2, which is about the size of 13 football fields. Naphtha is the feedstock and the main products are ethene and propene, used to make polymers.

  • Water Boiler,Hot Water Boiler,Gas Hot Water Boiler

    It is a three-way boiler structure; the upper part is a steam-water heat exchanger. When the vacuum hot water boiler is running, the vacuum pump is used to pump the boiler first, so that the internal pressure of the boiler is in a state of vacuum negative pressure, and the air inside the boiler is exhausted by using a thermal exhaust method.

  • Lng & Lpg Dual Boiler Steam Boiler--ZBG

    Lng & Lpg Dual Boiler Steam Boiler 2016-08-29 17:48:06 ZBG manufactures qualified dual fuel boilers, burning coal, biomass, natural gas, coke oven gas, city gas, LPG, light oil, heavy oil and waste oil.

  • Preheaters of Natural Gas - Wattco

    Pipeline transportation of natural gas requires it to travel under high pressure. Usually the pressure levels of 200 to 1500 pounds per square inch (psi) are needed to transmit natural gas. The natural gas needs to be at such high pressures for two reasons:

  • High Efficiency Condensing Atmospheric Hot Water Boilers

    Horizontal Gas Fired Steam Boilers DEVOTION WNS series Gas Steam Boilers are internally fired, three-pass and wet back shell boilers. Rated output(ton/hour): 0.5,1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,15,20 Customer tailored design is available.

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